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No Need to Fear! DJ is Here!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
The most amazing pic above drawn by :iconbandchaos13:

✔ Taken
❒ Single
✔ Married to someone i've never met

✖ AGE ~ 16
✖ BIRTHDAY ~ September 26, 1998
✖ GENDER ~ Female
✖ NATIONALITY~ You know things.
✖ CURRENT RECIDENCE ~ Wonderland; We're all mad here!
✖ LANGUAGES SPOKEN ~ Pure English, learning French, and know a pinch of Spanish
✖ HOBBIES: Drawing, No duh, Minecrafting, and Xboxing. Musicing as well.
✖ WEAPON OF CHOICE ~ I believe in the Magical Narwhal
✖ CURRENT OCCUPATION ~ High school person thingy. Rawr. <3

My friends: (In no order):
:iconh00fprints: :iconserendipityarts: :iconashbreeze-rain: :iconladieloki: :iconleeyakuchuk: :iconequinera: :iconlady-wynters: :iconmishranna: :iconredbirch: :icontoothlessego: :iconsloppsalmighty: :iconkhellouin: :iconforgotten-kingdom: :iconxxbrokenlillyxx: :iconbandchaos13: :iconshadow-hunter-is-in: :iconmechanicalmasquerade: And more to come >3

Some weird, yet funny, moments between us:

DJalbino : Did you get mauled by a tiger ?
LadieLoki : It was a dooog
DJalbino : Huh ?
LadieLoki : -hand gesture- It was a big dooog

hoofprintsall: -chucks rables and copokies-
hoofprintsall: c:<
omfg im dyinggg XD

I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth Jacksepticeye: STICKY BOMB! by Oreleth Jacksepticeye: Synchronize to the End! by Oreleth
Markiplier: Alpaca Hugs Stamp by Oreleth Markiplier: Blizzcon by Oreleth Markiplier: Think Fast by Oreleth Markiplier: 'OKAY! NOOOPE!' by Oreleth Markiplier: Throw It! by Oreleth Markiplier: Dancing by Oreleth I Support Markiplier Stamp by Oreleth


Winter Wonderland: Happy Thanksgiving! by DJalbino
Winter Wonderland: Happy Thanksgiving!
So, Thanksgiving this year has come around again and this time it's something very dear to my heart. 9-Months ago my boyfriend asked me out and we began dating. So this is for him, for making these months pass by so quickly and making them the best months I've ever had. Thanks, love. <3 
Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving as I have much to be thankful especially my two boys: My bf, and my horsey. yay. 
As for my Thanksgiving, we have a white Thanksgiving ^-^ and that's where this idea got inspired. A winter wonderland as my boyfriend has told me he loves snow. At least, that's what I believe xD (Sorry if I get it wrong!) But I personally love the look of it. Otherwise I hate winter xD But I love to surprise him, the best of my ability, and these are out ponies, which I have designed. Yes, they are DJ and Kill Order, the characters from my story, but either way enjoy this cute picture. I'm very proud of it, as I did it from scratch and it was rather quick. I may go back and add onto the picture with shading or something, but otherwise I love this picture.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and enjoy your holiday! c: 


Time: about 4 hours
Program: SAI
Characters +art (c) me
The Voices in My Head by DJalbino
The Voices in My Head
"Welcome back to Dear....Dear....Galan."


I'll probably be drawing more and more of Galan, as she has one of the most interesting backgrounds I have ever created. As a child, she was possessed by angry spirits, several angry spirits. Four to be exact. Two have been removed from her, and help her whenever she returns to her home, but the other two still fight to overcome Galan's body. They really are asleep until they sense their home land in the Northern Water Tribe. Otherwise Galan hears voices in her head, and often has moments where she freezes up and can only hear the voices in her head telling her things. Or she has major headaches that affect her and her powers majorly. 

Anyways, this was actually not that hard to make, and i'm quite proud of it. There is another version of this on Tumblr. My Tumblr is djalbino. So please enjoy! c: ~ <3
PURDY PONE by DJalbino
So, it's late. I'm tired. I'm not going to type much on this character. But she is by far, one of my favorite. But she's not a pony. I just can't draw humans for my life, so I drew her as a pony. She's in a roleplay I currently have, and is amazing.

She is from the world of Legend of Korra. Her name is Galan, she comes from a Earth bending mother and water bending father. She has royal blood from the Earth Kingdom, but grew up in the North Tribe until troubles made her family move to the South Tribe. She has an older brother, Bojo, who bends both air and fire. Galan herself bends earth and water, and can also heal, blood bend, and metal bend. Now before you go, "No bender can bend two elements. It's not possible." In a way it could be. Many bender, such as earth, metal and earth bend. which are two separate things, so therefore in my mind it is possible. Anyways, Galan is my favorite, and yah. i love her.
Death Valley by DJalbino
Death Valley
So, I know it's been a long time, but hey. I'm here. I'm alive. I know a lot of people have probably lost interest in me, but that's okay.

Anyways, while I was on break I created a new story in my mind. I call it Death Valley. I have already begun writing it and honestly, I love how everything is turning, the plot, characters everything. I've had a lot of style changes in pony, horse, etc, etc while I was gone, and now you can finally see what I've created.
Now if I'll upload the story, I honestly don't know. I do enjoy writing it a lot, it's just a long process, and I've barely gotten anywhere with it. Otherwise, I may do it, but we'll see. I have other new ideas floating around, so I'll probably be working on those as well, and on top of it all I'm working on a script for a movie for my friend.
Anyways, I guess Death Valley could be considered an AU of MLP, um, and I realized that my story has the same darkness as Fallout: Equestria, but trust me they are nothing alike, except the dark aspect of an Apocalypse situation. My story is what you could call a thinking story, everything is not laid right out on the table for the readers. I give subtle hints, so this may turn a lot of people away, but so far I've planned out three stories for the series, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. 

Let's talk about Death Valley. Death Valley is the story of a group of ponies who live in a large land, which unfortunately does not have a name, in which they live in one of the most powerful kingdoms, Death Valley. It never used to be called Death Valley, but nowadays, the kingdom no longer exists. A curse was laid upon the land by four Gods, who fell to the Earth and became known as the Four Cursers. These all represent our everyday Four Horsemen; Death, War, Disease, and Famine. When they fell to earth the four royal families of the land took them to use their power. They were originally made to help defend the kingdoms if war were to ever occur. Unfortunately, the families became corrupt over the years and turned their power dark, and the Gods hearts' darkened, all of them becoming evil-dwellers. The corruption led to the land breaking out into a war that lasted centuries, hardly did the Gods come out, only when the royals were in danger. Whenever they were released with their new growing powers, they killed whoever was in their sights. One time they were released they killed one of the royal families. Suddenly, they were never heard of again. They were locked depths beneath the ground of Death Valley, only to have their anger boil up around them. The war suddenly died down and the average folks began to find themselves mixing from the royals lands. Soon the idea of being ruled disappeared in the land. Everyone was peaceful, the idea of Gods disappeared and the idea of the Four Cursers didn't exist. They were whispers in the wind. Two centuries after the war, the land was as prosperous as it could have ever been. All across the land a new generation was born and being raised. Legends have it around this time, 'The Fated One' was born. The Fated One is the one pony the others claim to have ruined the land. Their legend states that the Fated One was a mare, who became a popular assassin. She guarded her small village and went to explore the Valley. Accidentally, she killed a royal who tried to harm her, and war broke out in the royal bloods again. But instead of against each other, the unleashed the legendary Cursers on the poor mare. For years she disappeared, and when she thought it was safe, reappeared in her village. Days went by before her small village was attacked by three of the four Cursers. The four, she discovered, was her best friend and love interest. He had made her trust him and now he was going to kill her. He told the three others to leave and they did as he wished, meaning he had the soul of the leader within his body. In a battle that destroyed the village, the Fated One was injured across the chest in which she took the axe of the Cursers and chopped his head off. In this act, she let her body become the new hostess for the Cursers. The mare was never heard of again, as she laid a curse on the land with the Gods angered at her act. Never had a Cursers been killed with their own weapons, it outraged the Gods, now Cursers, and they made her powers become to overwhelming that she, Death, killed off all the good in the valley. And from then it was called Death Valley, as Death now left nothing for anyone to live on in the Valley. One thing should be said about the Cursers, or Horsemen. They indeed can change bodies. They need a host though to live. Back in their rein, they changed bodies frequently, as stallions thought they were brave and killing the Cursers. But they only were becoming new hosts for the souls of the Gods to live. The Gods over a period of time would take over their body in a very painful process, in which the original killers soul would either be completely destroyed or the souls could share the body half and half. After the war ended, they kept their bodies, and when Death was killed by the Fated One, it was a shock to all the Horsemen. And with the death of Death by his own axe, they laid a curse on his power in the Fated One's body, who unfortunately became the cause to everything dying in the land. Death Valley is now a barren wasteland.

The two ponies here is this cover as DJ and Kill Order. They are indeed the two main characters, and the romance of the entire series. Although, their relationship is a bit odd. Neither will admit their love for the other, and hide it from each other and the others. DJ is the light gray pony and does in fact represent myself. No one knows where she truly is from, and most of her past is hidden. She is a strict emotion mare, who doesn't show more than a smirk here or there. Her eyebrows and eyes show more emotion than anything, as she shows anger, guilt, sadness, etc. She is the leader of the pack, and has connections all across Death Valley, no one knows more secrets than her. She is a Pegasus, but hardly ever flies, as she finds it pathetic, but when she does fly many call her an angel. She moves well, in some eyes. She always has a map on her, sketching out the lands of Death Valley as they travel, and she has a past of several other groups. She even has connections in the Afterworld, so yes she can talk to the dead. Her main mission since she was little, she states is to undo the curse of the Four Horsemen and return Death Valley to the natural beauty it once was. She is a trained assassin, and wears a white cloak over her at all times, not many have seen her cutiemark, which shows her love for music and art, and nature. She is very kind and helps whoever she can, and she also faces any weird situations with a calm look on life. Her lover, and love is Kill Order. Kill Order is a calm, relaxed stallion who comes from outside Death Valley. His family was never hunted down and killed due to a mistake. He and his mother and father fled to Death Valley and befriended an assassin family, in which Kill Order met his best friend, Solace Fall. Here in the large village he grew up in, he gained his passion to become an assassin, and traveled across the Valley with Solace and became both a Templar and Assassin. But he refuses to kill for fun. He and Solace Fall are what you call Protectors. They are Guardians for whoever needs them to be, they guard with their life and kill only if attacked. Kill Order also wears a cloak at all times, which is a dark gray. He is a unicorn of strong magic and is highly trained in his magical abilities as well. Instead of having ordinary weapons as his assassin tools, he holds two guns. When he returned home from his training to become a master killer, he found a strange cloaked figure always watching him from the roofs. This figure was DJ, whom he always found following him around. She introduced herself as a stranger leading him away from the village and suggesting he try out the two guns. She disappeared for some time, and reappeared to both Kill Order and Solace Fall as DJ, a traveler and offered them the chance to travel with her. Solace was the only one to take the offer, Kill Order remained back at the village protecting it. He was treated with high respect, but a year later after Solace and DJ were gone, his parent were victims of a virus that they later died for. Solace and DJ returned right after their deaths. Solace couldn't even approach his sad friend, but DJ comforted Kill Order. Soon afterwards, they became a trio that traveled all across the Valley and found treasures unlike no other.

SO there's Death Valley for you c:
hey guys, i know it has been a long, long time, hasn't it?
well my life has gone downhill, for various reasons, but it's starting to clear up now, and i'm somewhat coming back to drawing (which i am extremely rusty)
but i have been writing a lot. so i have a new comic book coming up and so yah.

i'm going to do a jm today, mostly consisting of me just wanting to get back in touch with y'all, and i'll be writing and maybe i'll even draw a little bit of my comic c:
  • Listening to: Steam Powered Giraffe

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